Being a Sales Leader

In a nutshell – I love it!!

It feels incredible to build my own team of Avon Representatives. I enjoy Avon so much and I want others to feel the same way as I do.

I first joined Avon when my eldest son, Draven, was a baby. I loved it then but it wasn’t as fun as it is now. Now we have online tools as well, and our own online store which is not only great for reps, but it’s fantastic for our customers too!

With technology and the internet moving forward, I’m really pleased a company as iconic as Avon has also jumped on board with with ‘World Wide Web’.

Being an Avon rep is so much fun. With every order I get, I get a buzz! So now, becoming a sales leader, I not only get a buzz with every order, I get a buzz with every person I sign up to Avon! They know they can come to me with anything. I want them to understand it and I want them to enjoy it, so I’m more than happy to help in any way that I can.

I also have a huge amount of support from my uplines, anything I can’t answer, they can! I never knew you could run your own business and still feel so much like part of a team!

So if you, or anyone you know, is interested in joining my Avon team (with no obligation) then fill out the form here and I’ll be in touch.

To find out more about being an Avon Representative, click here.

Join Avon Today!
Join Avon Today!

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