Hosting an Avon Facebook Party

There’s only one way to grow your Avon business and that’s to make sure you keep putting yourself in front of more and more people, and an Avon Facebook party is a great way to do this.

Here’s some top tips for hosting the perfect Avon Facebook party.

Name your party – have a possible theme, for example you could have Avon Skincare & Fragrance Party or Avon Makeup Party or depending on the time of year you could host an Avon Christmas Party or Avon Summer Party. Knowing what sort of party you are inviting your guests to will allow you to plan what products you are going to showcase.

Setup a private Facebook event. A private Facebook event means it’s by invite only, it keeps your party exclusive and it also makes it a private space where your customers can chat and ask questions.

Invite 30-50 of your closest friends to your part. Don’t just invite your whole friends list, no one feels special when you do this and it results in most people not bothering with your party.

Setup the event so it lasts for no more than 60 minutes, a party that remains open for a week isn’t really a party. The whole point is to get everyone on Facebook at the same time to create that virtual party atmosphere.

Introduce yourself – people buy from people that they connect with on some level when it comes to social media so be personal, post a selfie and share a bit about yourself.

Schedule your posts using CinchShare. When you schedule your posts, you have the ability to spend more of your time engaging with your guests rather than worrying about what post you have to get ready next.

During your party you can offer exclusive deals during the hour, play games etc, you should treat it like a normal party. Click here for 12 fun online party game ideas.
We now have Facebook live which is an amazing tool and you will find more people will buy when they can see who they are buying from. So if you don’t mind the camera then give Facebook live a go throughout your party.

Always remember to book future parties towards the end of your party by offering a hostess deal such as a percentage of their party sales to spend in the brochure.
Always make sure your hostess has plenty of brochures to show to their friends the week before their party, so that they can be collecting in orders from any of her friends who cannot attend.


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